First, a confession

Okay, to be honest, I originally registered the domain back in 2001 to make a website for my dog. She was a Doberman x Labrador, hence, Dobrador. Her name was Beez.

Beez the Dobrador, 2005

Beez looking wistful, 2005.
She’s 10 here.

That kinda fell through, and so I had a spare domain name kicking around for a few years.

After a while, I was tired of sending funny pictures I found on the interwebs to my weird little clan through different methods. So in March 2012, I decided to create a central place where my friends could enjoy the pictures at their leisure. As an added bonus, it was also easy for them to share with their friends. Since there wasn’t any thought at the time of “SEO” and such (it was just for a small in-group of like-minded wierdos, after all), I looked at my list of unused domains and grabbed one that was short and easy to remember–

In case you’re wondering why the subject matter has some odd areas of emphasis, blame my friends. Some of them have weird interests. Which is probably why they’re my friends.


Dobrador’s first image was posted on March 13, 2012.

Since then, that little “friends only” website has had over 1 million views. That’s a lotta friends!

The Shopateria is born

After an unpleasant experience with a certain unnamed company in March 2015 (don’t get me started), Dobrador expanded to include a Shopateria featuring my own designs. Some of the designs are based on popular culture memes & themes, and I created some in response to requests from friends. Which, again, explains some of the weirdness in that area, too.

More recently, I’ve been getting braver and adding my own digital art creations to the Shopateria. Their weirdness is entirely on me. I can’t blame my friends for those. I’ve tried, believe me, but they objected. Loudly.


The most popular design in the Shopateria was the Fiberian Hufky which, had to have the image updated when the licensing of the original image became uncertain. This is an odd throwback to the origin of the name, Dobrador, since Beez’s best friend was a half-hufky named Beardog.

Beardog, 2005.

Beardog, 2005. She’s 7 here.

Beez and Beardog, 2005

Beardog and Beez the Dobrador.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you enjoy your time perusing Beez would have been very pleased with how many new friends her website has attracted over the years. So would Beardog.