Where is my data stored?
Any information you input onto the site is stored on servers in Canada, due to the strong privacy legislation in that country.
Where does my order ship from?
If you’re in North America, your order will be shipped from either California or North Carolina. For orders shipping to customers in the EU, whenever possible, your order will be shipped from Latvia to avoid high overseas shipping costs and duty.  Some items may not be able to be shipped from Latvia due to accessibility.
How reliable are your sizes?
Most of our t-shirts are made by Gildan unless a certain size or colour isn’t available from them, so the sizes should be those normally found in North America. Size charts are provided for each design, but if you usually take a medium, chances are you’ll be fine with a medium from the Shopateria. If you fall in between two sizes on the chart, or between two sizes in other t-shirts, order one size up to be safe. Shirts can undergo some shrinkage after washing, so a bit bigger is never a bad idea.
What does the message “Your card does not support this type of purchase.” mean?
Because our servers live in Canada (see question 1, above) our website is considered to be “out of country” for a few credit card providers in the U.S.  Some cards can’t be used for international purchases, and if you’re getting that message, yours is one of them. A workaround is to go through PayPal, using the same credit card. You don’t have to have a PayPal account for this to work, and the credit card company sees PayPal as being in an acceptable location, so it won’t trigger the error message. We’ve tested this and it worked swimmingly.
Why are my shirts from different companies?
There could be a number of reasons.
1. There isn’t a single t-shirt manufacturer that supplies all the colours I offer in all the sizes I’d like to offer. In order to offer the widest range of both colours and sizes, it’s been necessary to mix and match manufacturers. Rest assured that all the manufacturers supply equally high quality shirts.
2. Sometimes the main supplier of a certain colour-size combination may be out of stock. In this situation, I’ve chosen to use an alternate manufacturer to avoid unnecessary delays in fulfilling your order.